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Design Star on HGTV
10 Designers. One shot at stardom.
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17th-Sep-2006 12:32 am(no subject)
...but it itches
Does anyone have a good picture(s) of vanessa's hair? Where it was dark and with the blonde, i can't find any pictures of it. Thank you in advanced.
15th-Sep-2006 03:49 pm - One last thing...
pink toes
Just wanted to let y'all know that I was reading Clive's blog and he noted at the end of his final entry that the HGTV president confirmed to him that there WILL BE a Season 2! Yay!
11th-Sep-2006 09:26 am - Woo!
pink toes
We have a winner!

Congratulations...Collapse )
7th-Sep-2006 01:15 am - Past episodes
HP doujinshi 'Power Play'

I haven't seen any episodes of this series yet, and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could see past episodes? I've searched several bit torrent sites but I can't find any downloads. I haven't tried YouTube because I really want to be able to download the episodes to my computer so I can save them on a disc. Any help would be appreciated!

5th-Sep-2006 09:59 am - Sunday in the park...
pink toes
So we saw the last challenge? What did y'all think?

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28th-Aug-2006 08:27 am - extreme home makeover: design star
pink toes
This week each of the three remaining contestants worked on a space in three different homes of deserving families. Read more...Collapse )

What did y'all think?
21st-Aug-2006 09:18 am - efficiency apartments challenge
pink toes
I really liked the challenge this week because it was individual and I think it gave us a true picture of what the designers' styles are like and what they are capable of. That being said... Read more...Collapse )
20th-Aug-2006 10:08 pm - Tonight's episode....
Well, I just watched tonight's episode and let's just say I'm very happy about the outcome. *starts jumping up and down, shouting for joy*. Anyone else watched and what do they think? later. :)
19th-Aug-2006 10:33 pm - Newbie.....
I just found this community. Realize I'm probably in on the tail end, but I'm enjoying the comments so far. I'll be commenting when i get a chance. Glad to be here. later. :)
14th-Aug-2006 09:42 am - Last night's episode
pink toes
I'm not typing up a whole recap because a) I don't have time and b) I think I'm the only one that likes them anyway.

But I will say this about last night's episode...

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